Project meeting in Greece

Upravené: sobota, 22. október 2011

At the beginning of June 2008, the Comenius project meeting was held in Volos,Greece. The Slovak group consisted of three teachers and five students, who had been working on the project from the very beginning.


 The Greek  partner school is a special school whose teachers look after the children who are mentally and physically disabled. Therefore it was a very touching experience for all of us when we participated in a welcome ceremony prepared by teachers and the children.

We met in Greece also our partners from the English school in Thornbury and we evaluated the first year of our common workon the project bearing the name „Together in Europe“. The important part of our meeting was the final phase of the „Logo Competition“, when the participating English, Greek and Slovak teachers chose the winning logo (made by an English pupil), that will appear on the project T-shirts at the closing meeting in Poprad, Slovakia in June 2009. At the same time we planned further activities for the next school year. At the meeting, our students gave interesting presentations about holidays and traditions in the countries of all partner schools, that had been gathered from our partners in the course of previous months.    



 Besides the project matters that were, of course, the most important, we also tried wonderful  Greek sun and sea, we were driven high above Volos – to a picturesque mountain village of Makrinitsa, we visited and were fascinated by exhibits in the Museum of Archeology in Volos, we experienced „hot“ Greek evening, full of emotions, dancing and delicious meals.

 On the last day of the Slovak group in Greece, the students prepared a Slovak speciality – „bryndzové halušky“ with great help of the Greek disabled children. They appreciated that they were in direct touch with disabled children who gained love of us all by their airiness and genuine joy of life. And last but not least for them was the fact that during the visit in Greece they could communicate with our partners in English.